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Transaction / Finance based AML

Transaction-based laundering, specifically transaction finance based laundering, is a difficult problem that enterprises have struggled to tackle not least due to its complexity. Understanding the logistics of transactions brings multi-disciplinary challenges in understanding let alone delivering the holistic data tools required to identify the issues. However, it is essential to tackle to problem the illicit exploitation of the system. Whilst only about a fifth of global trade is financed it is an area under great regulatory scrutiny that is very difficult to tackle with the existing technical landscape.

Financial flows and the physical delivery of the goods must both be analysed and monitored. The EKG assists this by identifying relationships between importers, exporters and other related parties as well as links across to the financial systems to link to financed and non-financed trade. These holistic views enable cross silo analytics to identify risks and provide an agile platform to develop new tools to identify new potentially illicit behaviours.